EarthCare Work and Social/Public Policy Innovation

EarthCare works through a wide variety of strategies and action programme to save our earth, including but limited to, public education, public / social policy research, animal rescue, legislation, monitoring of law enforcement, special events, celebrity involvement, investigations and advertising campaigns, consumer awareness campaigns and protest campaigns, public / social policy and welfare services etc.

For instance, EarthCare (地球仁協會) is the first Chinese-based charity / green NGO that leads and advocates the use of herbal alternatives to replace animal parts in Chinese Medicine / Traditional Chinese Medicine; the first Chinese-based charity / green NGO to lead / promote and launch anti-shark fin campaigns and the first Animal Orphanage (AO) and Humane Education Centre (HEC), Social Welfare Dogs (SWD) plus many other social innovations.

EarthCare Partnership with the Community - Hong Kong is in the process of positioning itself as a leading international metropolitan city with a strong knowledge-based economy. The success of sustainable development depends on an educated population that can meet the pace and demands of a changing world. EarthCare plays a vital role in meeting these needs as we are committed to serving the global and local community and helping to shape its values, and encourages its citizens to work energetically in public outreach and to volunteer for specific campaigns and activities. Our programmes enable participants to gain first-hand experience in fields such as corporate social responsibility, social policy and welfare services, political advocacy, public policy analysis, marketing, public relations, multi-media, animal rights and welfare and social networking etc.

If an animal is abused or in imminent danger, please contact the police immediately. If the police department is unresponsive or not cooperative, contact EarthCare immediately!

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