Doneate to EarthCare

Every day, every minute, every second, the world is getting hotter and hotter, more and more forests and trees are cut and removed while more rainforest resources are depleted  due to demand for meat and animal products; countless wildlife animals and caught with all sorts of cruel ways for their body parts or fur or for medicinal purposes; animals are being cruelly abused, slaughtered on factory farms; poisoned, maimed, and blinded in laboratories; skinned alive for their fur; and neglected and abused by their "owners." EarthCare does whatever it takes to educate people regarding the problems and we cannot do any of it without donors like you.
With your generous contribution you can help make a difference to the world or an animal's life. You can donate money to EarthCare either by sending a cheque or donate to our Bank Account directly.

Sending a cheque:
Make payment to “Earthcare (Hong Kong) Limited” and send your cheque to the official EarthCare mailing address at: G.P.O. Box 11546, Central, Hong Kong.

Bank Transfer or Direct Donation to EarthCare Bank Account - Bank Account Information:
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
Account Number: 004-527172-001
Please forward by post/email the original bank pay-in slip / the original ATM receipt / the Internet transfer record to EarthCare for our records and/or further action.

We could issue you a donation receipt for tax purposes for donation of HKD$100 or more but we cannot send you a donation receipt if you do not give us the relevant information/document(s) and your clear /detailed contact information as well. Please download and complete the "Receipt Request Form for Donation to Earthcare" include your name in English and Chinese, Company or Organizational Name (if applicable), contact telephone number, email address and postal address and any other relevant information for application for the donation receipt) and email/fax or post the completed form with the relevant document(s) to us.